We're one big family of humans.
We need to take care of each other and set a shining example for the next generation.


We are stylish, modern moms with old-fashioned values, who’ve set out to make your gifting and online shopping experience more delightful and fun. We’ve carefully hand-picked all of our favorite clothing, toys, and accessories from luxury brands around the world; items inspired by our amazing little ones, that we believe reflect the care we take in raising them, their playful imaginative spirit, and the little things they teach us to stop and appreciate every day.


Throughout our careers we've experienced the struggle that all working parents go through, trying to balance family, self, and career. So we’re strongly committed to providing a family-friendly work environment and building a culture that values work/life balance, diversity, and kindness. 


It takes a village, literally. Join us in supporting families in need through through our affiliation with Baby2Baby. Through in-kind donations and volunteer opportunities, Little LAMMA works with Baby2Baby to bring love and support to disadvantaged and homeless families around the Los Angeles area. 

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