Brands we love

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is one of the oldest and most iconic French fashion brands yet it has managed to remain young, spontaneous, and steeped in the magic of childhood. Over the past 120 years of weaving at its factory in Troyes, France, Petit Bateau has carefully perfected its distinct style with an emphasis on quality, comfort, and fun. It’s truly timeless fashion that you’ll hand down for generations.


JellyCat was established in London in 1999 to create quirky, original and innovative soft toys for all ages. The name JellyCat was dreamt up by a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together. The silliness of the name was a great reflection of the design and so it stuck! They have designed in the UK since the beginning and continue to work with designers at the JellyCat HQ in London and around the country. Their focus is on created coolest designs with the most luxurious of fabrics.

Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat is a brand firmly rooted in French styles, traditions and values. Since its founding, Tartine et Chocolat has been dedicated to preserving the innocence of childhood, embodying a spirit of elegance and timelessness with a focus on quality that’s second to none. It’s a uniquely cross-generational brand, touching an emotional chord with not only children but also with their parents and grandparents.

Angel Dear

Angel Dear, based in the Bay Area, creates classic baby clothing and accessories with a modern sensibility and attention to special details. Exceptional softness is the cornerstone of the Angel Dear brand and baby's comfort is the underlying principle behind every design. Styling is simple but far from basic, in a spirit of modern luxury. Enduring and classic, Angel Dear creations are special enough to be passed along to the next generation. The company's values are reflected in their ongoing commitment to using organic fibers when possible, and in using recycled paper and soy ink in their printed materials.


Maileg was founded in Denmark in 1999, by Dorthe Mailil and her husband Erik. They worked hard to develop a brand of whimsical toys to capture the hearts of children around the world. Maileg believes in story-making. They believe that memories are made through the simple joys of children, bringing their imaginations to life.


MOLO was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their brand encourages children to express their creativity and personality. Molo’s designs feed a child’s imagination with strong colors, fun prints, exciting shapes and bold combinations.


Milkbarn’s roots are in dairy country in the rolling hills north of San Francisco. They’re nostalgic, yet modern; country, yet urban; rustic and yet clean, cool and timeless. They see the world through a child’s eyes and are inspired by all the things children love – running, romping, daydreaming, gazing at the clouds.

Jean Bourget

Jean Bourget, founded in 1954, has a history of classic tailoring with cleverly conceived cuts, elegant finishing and top-quality fabrics. This iconic French brand has evolved in recent years to focus on more functional and contemporary styles, while still maintaining a timeless sensibility and impeccable focus on quality.

Candylab Toys

Candylab Toys revives the glamorous '60s American modernist vibe and carves it into contemporary wood toy designs. We’re slowly drowning in forgettable toys that break and disassemble — ending in piles of plastic bits. Candylab's heirloom wooden toys are elegant, durable and simple, giving children a chance to create their own stories around the objects they play with.

Candylab's founder, Vlad Dragusin, launched a Kickstarter campaign out of his living room to get the brand off the ground. With over one thousand backers from all over the world, Candylab continues to innovate and delight little ones, as well as their plastic-averse parents! 


Catimini never ceases to delight with its quirky and playful style. While its roots are distinctly Parisian, Catimini’s openness to the world and poetic spirit are reflected in its diverse range of styles, all designed with the curious child in mind. Since 1972, they have been making these cherished clothes with love - the beautiful materials, neat finishes, and attention to detail, recognized throughout the world.


HABA Germany was founded in 1938. HABA’s company philosophy is based on one simple principle: Children are the most important things in life. For several generations their toys have proven their worth with their high-quality design that encourages imaginative play. All of their products are produced at their own HABA facilities in the Upper Franconian city of Bad Rodach, Germany. Their ideas are rooted in Germany, as are the trees they use for our wooden products. They come from sustainable forest management, which is why all of their wooden toys carry the PEFC seal and are painted using non-toxic paints and dyes.


Joules was born in the fields of the English countryside over 25 years ago and has grown into one of Great Britain’s most beloved family lifestyle brands. Heritage, countryside, time-off, British-ness, family and fun, are core to the brand’s values. Their quirky sensibility is communicated through their distinctive colors, prints, detail and quality.

Manny & Simon

Manny & Simon is an exciting collection of children's products that takes the classic animals and vehicles children love and transforms them into contemporary essentials for every kid. Their vision is to always keep things clean and simple while maintaining high-quality products that stimulate kids' never-ending imagination. They also follow a path of environmental and social responsibility with their commitment to using organic and eco-friendly materials wherever possible and with the production methods they have instilled in our environmentally conscious factory located in Southern California.