Amelia's Animals
Amelia's Animals Amelia's Animals Amelia's Animals Amelia's Animals Amelia's Animals

This artful bundle includes:

Wee Gallery's Playhouse Art Blocks. The high-contrast, bold and playful designs help stimulate early stage development from their newborn to four years old. Featuring the names and images of their favorite animal friends in black and white, they’ll love the repeating patterns in each captivating, hand-painted illustration. These whimsical art blocks make a great visual tool and enchant them when they’re infants but when they’re older and ready to explore, they’ll assist in improving their basic motor skills.

Wee Gallery's Art Cards for Baby feature Black and White animals that will engage and entertain babies from day one. This set includes an anteater, a penguin, a Dalmatian, a ring-tailed lemur, a skunk, and a panda. Each card is finished with a matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners. Each card measures 5 inches by 7 inches and is printed on a sturdy cardboard that can withstand your baby’s explorations. They are sure to survive!

Animal City by Joan Negrescolor, where Nina journeys to a secret jungle city populated by animals, plants, and lost objects. The reason for her visit: story hour, where a book's power holds the wild in thrall. The animals are eager for stories about space, the sea, and other worlds. Five Pantone colors infuse each illustrated spread with a vibrant, electric energy, making this powerful celebration of nature—and stories—as vivid visually as its narrative is engrossing.