Curious Kid
Curious Kid Curious Kid

This awesome gift is all about style AND substance. It includes: 

A Petit Bateau terry sweatshirt in size 6 (runs a little small) 

A Robot sketchbook and set of 24 colored pencils from Eeboo

"Super Book for SuperHeroes" - an exciting compendium of ideas, drawing, coloring, and activities that allows you to create your own crusaders for justice who do battle with super villains, unravelling their crazed schemes for taking over the world.

"Stickyscapes: SuperHeroes" - this amazing double-sided panoramic play scene folds out to a length of four feet and contains a superheroes' cityscape on one side and supervillains' underground lair, complete with laser defence system and sinister research lab, on the other.

"What's the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Familiar"

A tube of 240 Plus Plus building blocks. Made in Denmark. Non-toxic.