Your World
Your World Your World Your World Your World Your World

This gift set includes:

A lovely ’coming home’ outfit for a newborn, or a thoughtful gift for a new arrival to grow into, by Joules London. Both pieces are crafted in softer-than-soft cotton and feature a hand-drawn print, but the best bit is the super-cute appliqué character that adorns the bottom of the romper.

An Amuseable Cloud by Jellycat - a white puff of shaggy fur!  She has a big grin on her face and alert eyes.  Skinny legs and big feet made of a brown ribbed fabric stick out from underneath. 

A Rainmaker from Tendeleaf Toys is an interesting way for children to learn about the weather and encourages them to explore making sounds. Something for baby to grow into. 18M+

EARTH! My first 4.544 Billion Years: Kid-friendly facts and plenty of humor teach kids about the Earth, from more than four billion years ago to present day. Told from Earth's point of view, this picture book for older readers also includes back matter with even more information.